Customized Lessons

Customized Writing and Literature Lessons

I offer customized lessons for enrichment, as well as lessons tied to a student’s school curriculum.

Writing Lessons

Language and Literature Lessons

  • In-person and online lessons
  • Individual and group sessions
  • Summer workshops

“Ms. Gilpin is an amazing tutor who has already significantly improved my writing in just a couple of months. Along with teaching my siblings and me major topics and themes, she has taught us small, but important, skills that help our writing seem more professional and experienced. Ms. Gilpin understands when I have schoolwork and will always plan the work I’m assigned accordingly. Ms. Gilpin is the perfect balance of kindness and discipline. She makes sure we stay engaged and on track. Ms. Gilpin will take what you wrote and help you improve and organize it, instead of just telling you what to say. She has helped me tremendously, and I know the improvement in my writing is the result of our time together.

—Scarsdale 8th grader

Reviews from parents and students

“Caroline packs in a great deal of information and my son has never complained or felt bored in class. That is amazing to me.  In addition, communication with Caroline is super easy. She always listens to our needs, concerns, and helps us to address our “wishes” immediately. We understand writing is a long-term process and not always shows an immediate result. But within several months of hard work, we can see my son’s improvement in writing. This is noticed by us and by his friends and his teachers. We are confident within Caroline’s guidance my son can build a good writing habit for a lifetime.  We know how critical is to bring a “perfect” tutor to help your family. We highly recommend you give Caroline a try if you want to see the magic happen in your kid’s writing. Good luck!”

—Mother, San Francisco, California

“We are so glad we hired Caroline to be my son’s writing tutor. My son has worked with several writing tutors in the past. He said he likes Caroline the most.”

—Parent of a middle school boy

“I have a spectacular time with Caroline. We read New York Times articles and discuss them. We sometimes say jokes or funny things that make us laugh. We also watch videos and write what is interesting about them. My mom can hear me laughing from upstairs. Most important, she makes all my essays the best they could possibly be at my level and tries to raise my level with joy and excitement.”

– Fifth-grade boy

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